Today, Pacific peoples are enjoying the fruits of a dream that was purposeful and one which has cultivated a confident and thriving Pacific population. Our history in Aotearoa demonstrates the efforts of our pioneers to lalanga and bring life to the voices of our Pacific communities.


Over the past year we have talked to more than 2,500 Pacific peoples about what it means to be Pacific in Aotearoa today and for the future. Our conversations have highlighted Pacific Identities, Languages and Cultures; Economic Development and Income; and Health and Wellness as broad priority areas.


Pacific Aotearoa places the aspirations of Pacific peoples at the centre of thinking and decision-making. It recognises their leadership role and strengths to drive change from within and for their own communities.


With the blessings of our Pacific peoples, our aspirations will see government working together with communities to better support the needs of Pacific peoples.

Pacific Aotearoa Lalanga Fou


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