Pasifika Futures

The Pacific Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency – enabling Healthy and Resilient Families and Communities


Pasifika Futures is a Pacific led NGO and is the Whanau Ora Commissioning Agency for Pacific Families. The uniquely Pacific Whanau Ora innovation and partnership-based approach leverages Pacific strengths, values and cultural leadership in a collaborative approach between families, community providers, and the Commissioning Agency to achieve Prosperous Pacific Families. This is true self determination. The pacific Whanau Ora approach challenges traditionally regimented and fragmented approaches to well-being by putting the context of Pacific families at the forefront and the key resources and the key decisions in the hands of Pacific families. The key drivers for Pacific Whanau Ora are:

  • The opportunity to invest in families to meet their aspirations across health, education, economic and cultural domains

  • The ability to identify, understand and support families to design solutions to enable them to improve outcomes

  • Achieving the Outcomes Framework designed by 1,500 Pacific families from around New Zealand


Since 2014, the programme has engaged over 13,000 pacific families (over 70,000 individuals) throughout New Zealand to plan and undertake the journey towards their own prosperity, through its network of 46 community providers. As a result, since entering the programme 1,569 families who want to be financially independent have reduced their debt by more than 5%; 907 families are now smoke-free; 1,439 families who had previously not enrolled, have now enrolled their children in ECE; 1,233 families have participated in culture and language programmes, and 941 families who were previously disconnected are now connected.


Pasifika Futures has enabled innovation within its community provider network through funding, research and enablement support to enable provider partners to innovate to meet the aspirations of the families they work with. This has allowed Pacific families and partners to experiment and co-create more effective ways to deliver improved educational, employment, economic, health and community outcomes for themselves.



Transforming Pacific Innovation into commercial excellence


PBT do amazing things with amazing people and partners to drive business success. They are passionate about creating the right environment for high growth Pacific businesses to thrive.

The Pacific Business Trust (PBT) provides support for Pacific businesses and Pacific entrepreneurs in New Zealand, with offices in Auckland and Wellington.

The Trust is focused on growing innovation, talent and leadership through bespoke and responsive business programmes and provides business grants to grow Pacific business. Here are some examples of PBT achieving impact:

  • Pacific Economy Project

  • Data Insights for Policy

  • Hatch Youth

  • Social Enterprise Focus

  • Tech Sector Focus

  • Business Eco-systems

  • Grants Programme

  • Progressive Procurement

PBT facilitates ecosystems which ensure scalability and act as champions for our businesses, identifying and negotiating commercial opportunities.




At the forefront of Pacific Language and Culture in Aotearoa since 1978


Their mission is to advocate for generations of Pasifika people to achieve and share educational success in Aotearoa.

Leading and advocating that Pasifika languages, knowledge and cultural skills are specialist forms of educational knowledge.


Advocating of educational programmes that reflect Pasifika language, knowledge and cultural skills that contribute to Pasifika leadership and confident communities.


Developing of strategies in consultation with Pacific-ethnic stakeholders to achieve the best delivery of educational programmes.


Providing quality information, tools and/or resources that are relevant to Pasifika.


Delivering educational programmes that are responsive to the changing needs of Pasifika community, maximising individual achievement and are reflective of Pasifika cultural values.


It has been decades since our Pasifika migrants flew over in planes to Aotearoa. We are no longer visitors, guests, temporarily in Aotearoa for a visit. Pasifika have arrived. We are here. Aotearoa is a home for Pasifika. There is a confidence in many of Pacific people to open up and unpack our bags and share the wealth (that was always there) with the people of Aotearoa.


Simply put, it is when you feel at home, you are conscious of the land, the people and the environment around you. When you feel at home, you are confident to recreate a sense of home.



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Celebrating the Pacific Spirit

Pacific Media Network is a Public Interest Broadcaster targeting Pacific peoples to empower, encourage and nurture Pacific Cultural identity and economic prosperity in Aotearoa.

The Pacific Media Network aims to deliver key outcomes with:

  • Pacific peoples contributing to New Zealand society in a positive way

  • Pacific peoples achieve their full potential

  • Preservation of Pacific Island culture and language

Currently owned and operated by the National Pacific Radio Trust and partly funded by the Government. It includes the Niu FM radio network, Pacific Radio News and Auckland-based Radio 531pi station combined are accessible to an estimated 92 per cent of the country's Pacific population. The network targets both first-generation Pacific migrants and New Zealand-born people with Pacific heritage. As of 2009, it was the only specifically pan-Pacific broadcaster in New Zealand.



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